2015 Artist Bios/Statement

Lisa Kawski- Paint in Motion

A storefront window display featuring a Charleston style dress created from recycled paint sample cards along with photos of the dress worn in the Rubbish to Runway Refashion show of 2014. This is Lisa’s third year with AGH.”  www.lmkinteriorsltd.com

Sue Kassirer- Jump for Joy

Sue lives and creates art in a woodsy little neighborhood on a pond in Hamilton Massachusetts. One of the original cofounders of Art Grows Here, she enjoys creating large outdoor works as well as scenery and props for stage as well as sculpting and teaching clay.

For more information on her work or about her clay classes you can contact her on Facebook: the Studio at 359 Lake or email her at: theclayclub@gmail.com

Facebook link “The Studio at 359 Lake”

Mary McDonald- “Music in the Air”

This piece will be constructed of wood, metal, plastic, pottery, string, ribbon, wire and paint. It will be a frame that supports hanging, colorful objects that can be manipulated by the wind or by people to play tones.

This piece was created by a group of families that comes together monthly to experience the museum and create art. It is a collaborative between the Wenham Museum and the Hamilton Wenham Early Childhood Partners, which has been ongoing for several years. Mary McDonald, facilitator of the program is Director of Education and Audience engagement at Wenham Museum. She has been enticing people to “make stuff” using recycled objects and simple materials for several years.



Michael Kilburn- Pink Giraffe:(in memoriam Donald Featherstone 1936-2015)

Donald Featherstone is the creator of the plastic lawn pink flamingo.

Owen Bailey- “Strings Attached”

Materials: pallet, paint, colorful string

Johanna Corwin & Cindy Purdy- Weaving Wands

I will be weaving yarns, strings and anything that catches my fancy between Y shaped sticks planted in the ground or hanging from other sticks.

Timothy Neill- Horse

“My horse is made of around 200 planks of untreated wood that have been cut and screwed together to form the body.  The horse stands 6.5 feet tall and is 7.5 feet long.  It is roughly based on Clydesdale proportions.” This is Timothy’s fourth year with AGH!

Shawn Farrell- Untitled

Shawn Farrell is an artist and educator living in Hamilton, MA. Originally from western New York he received a BFA from Hartwick College where he specialized in Glassblowing and bronze foundry. He polished his techniques while living on the West Coast working for various artists from Alaska to New Mexico. He has shown in various galleries and does many private commissions. He prefers not to limit himself to any one medium, but finds himself continually drawn to working with glass and metal.
“When you are accustomed to seeing something in the same way day after day, you tend to forget the beauty that is held within it. With my work I like to take the observer to a place that they may have been before but have not seen in such a way. This allows the viewer to experience a new perspective on his or her own world and their place in it. It allows them to find the inherent beauty in all things.” This is Shawn’s fourth year exhibiting at AGH.

Caitlyn & Josh Merrill “School’s Out”

Indeed it will be a school of fish!

“We were admirers of the community aspect of Art Grows Here for years before we jumped in and joined the crowd.  Once upon a time, Caitlin was an art historian working in art museum with a side hobby of printmaking.  Josh has always been handy with tools and began to tap into his creative side after taking a pottery class.  This year we riffed off last year’s project and have created a school of fish from reclaimed cedar picket fencing (last year we had a herd of cats!).  This is a whimsical project that hopefully brings a few smiles to our neighbors in Hamilton and Wenham.” This is their second year exhibiting with AGH.

Philip & Maria Coleman:

-Hamilton Americana

Angelmex2Studios is a husband and wife team who have been painting murals together since 2000.

They are painting a mural on the wall of the Richdale Hamilton convenience store on Bay Road (US Rt 1A). The mural will encompass the rich history of Hamilton’s Americana and equine traditions.” The Colemans will work on and complete the mural in the 10 day period of the AGH event, July 17-26. Stop by and check out the progress!

Philip has been painting murals in Berkeley California since 1992. They have painted murals in California, Nevada, and Massachusetts and approximately 20 murals, mainly in Beverly, Peabody, and Waltham.

They reside in Wenham with twin daughters Celia and Silvia.

“This is our first year participating in AGH. We are happy and excited to participate and enjoy giving back to the community, especially through art opportunities.”


Maria is originally from Mexico and enjoys making traditional Mexican crafts such as pinatas. The idea for the horse stems from her experience making pinatas and she wanted the challenge of making something on a much bigger scale. She used traditional Mexican bright colors and patterns while designing the horse. The title for the horse sculpture is an Aztec (Nahuatl) name; ” TLANEXTLI” meaning radiant, brilliant, or majestic”. Materials used: sticks, saplings, paper mache, and paint.

www.Angelmex2Studios.com  philmaria4@comcast.net.

Emma Andre, Niamh Rollins

2 Dance Performances

  • The Lilac Fairy from Sleeping Beauty: This is a variation from the ballet, Sleeping Beauty. Performed by Emma Andre.
  • Youth:This is a contemporary ballet piece choreographed and performed by Niamh Rollins and Emma Andre

Jennifer Evans- Sharing Songs

Singer and guitarist Jennifer Evans has been influenced by Joan Baez, Woody Guthrie and Guy Van Duser. Her complex yet melodic finger style guitar weaves a unique musical tapestry with her rich, sonorous voice.

Saturday night, Jennifer performs early American ballads and contemporary songs, as well as works by her songwriter brother, Griff Evans. Her recent CD “The Last Cheap Hotel” was featured on the legendary Oscar Brand’s tribute show to Peter Seeger on WNYC. David Ninth of Folkworld said, “dig in folk fans, this is the real deal.”


Rachel Grinstead Babson- Kamishibai Storytelling

Rachel is back for her second year at AGH to present Kamishibai Storytelling. This is a form of storytelling that originated in Japanese Buddhist temples in the 12th century, where monks used emakimono (picture scrolls) to convey stories with moral lessons to a mostly illiterate audience. Kamishibai is a unique storytelling experience from Japan that tells a story from far away but often feels very close to home.

Mary Anne Miceli- North Shore Children’s Stories and Poetry

“My stories and poems have been largely influenced by the beauty and historic lore surrounding Boston’s North Shore. Also my influences are the interesting people living here now as well as those who lived here in the past.
Mary Anne Miceli is a Boston native of Irish extraction and has enjoyed studying her Irish ancestral roots.  Mary Anne has always loved nursery rhymes and music and the beat of ‘rhythm and rhyme’. She thinks and composes in ‘rhyming rhythm’ and feels that life itself is a ‘rhythmic process’ of highs and lows like the ebb and flow of the tides. She feels writing is the hallmark of the creative process as it ‘purges the soul and inspires the mind.’
Mary Anne lives in a picturesque town on the North Shore of Boston and continues to write both Children’s Picture Books and Poetry.   www.poetryinboston.com

Susan Parent and Don Boye- Magical Mermaid Garden

Victoria, Currie and Phoebe Fallon- Words and Art

“My daughters and I will be creating a poem and then depicting it thru pictures, sculptures, and installations thru my garden.”

Linda Graves- Chinese Dragon

a wonderful large wire epoxy acrylic dragon head atop her cottage!  The dragon’s acrylic painted body rings the perimeter of her cottage!

Michael Kilburn- Re-Wind Chimes, 1, 2, 3

Belinda Recio- Shelter

Inspired by avian architecture and the archetypal attributes of shelter, my AGH installation will explore ideas of enclosure, protection, presence, and the exchange between interiority and exteriority. Materials: Sticks, grasses, plant materials, raffia, twine, tie-wire.

Jen Boisvert- Pods Reflecting the Natural Environment

This installation will reflect the title: Art Grows Here.  Ground space which will contain pods of various shapes (vine woven) one with spheres. Also, ground space will include shapes made of hydrocal plaster. Above will hang pods alternating with long strips of burlap fabric.

A local native North Shore Artist, who explores visual interpretations, merges relationships between humans and nature thus creating a visual dialogue for the viewer to develop their intuitive conclusions. The dialogue between artist and viewer become an intimate catalyst engaging us to find immediate connections with the earth and our selves. Jen’s artwork is described as anthropomorphic in nature.

She holds a BFA in sculpture, Montserrat College of Art, class of 1995. I also hold M.Ed in elementary education.

Margot and Matthew Rogers- Viva Murals

The Viva Murals depict youth in costume playing drums. The colorful and imaginative design of these figures elicits the sense of play and hope from the viewer. The costumes represent the ability of the youth (and the young at heart) to make themselves into whatever they choose. The costumes intentionally designed to look more animal than human. They are concealing the humans within, blurring the lines between the costumes we create and the people we become.

 Margot Rogers is a muralist and an illustrator. Margot’s work has been featured in major publications including The Four Hour Chef by Tim Ferriss. She has produced murals for commercial and private clients including the Ipswich Agricultural Commission, and partnered with local community art centers. She studied visual arts and philosophy at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Montserrat College of Art, Oxford University, Gordon College, La Complutense and Universida de Castilla de La Mancha, Spain.

Jeffrey Bird- Soleil Levant

The impressionist art movement began with Monet painting “Impression, Soleil Levant.” “Rusty metal can be like distant memories. You can put it aside, you might even forget about it for a little while. But, then you stumble across it and that triggers a synapse. It all floods back into your life, as if it were yesterday”.

This is Jeff’s fourth year exhibiting with AGH. Jeff Bird’s work takes several forms. (Re)Collections: vintage collectibles encased in recycled materials. Each custom crafted to allow for the removal and the handling of the contents. Re(DE)Signs: Colorful signs, hand-crafted from scraps and recycled materials. Each inspired by the great people who have passed through his life. (RE)Furnishings: salvaged materials, repurposed into furniture, wall hangings and decorative pieces. (RE)Creations: rusty, discarded metal, given a new life.

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